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For the news that are slightly too old for the front page, here are all the public announcements made since the first LeapingTiger server went online.

2010-11-15: Tigris Release Candidate

It seems that the last little tidbits of this dummy website are polished enough that I'm going to push the whole thing online for good.

Puny efforts went into the implementation of our Network Status page, and the underlying tools are still being worked on. But now I have at least enough content to officially declare open without the shame of leaving 'Coming Soon' pages laying around for years, cough, cough.

So, barring any more problems trying to make Lighttpd and Django talk to each other properly, we should go live in the next few days.

And there will be much rejoicing. Yay!

2010-10-18: Gandi Downtime

Hisoka and all the services it hosts were completely down today due to some internal screwup at our ISP — an admittedly internal mistake from Gandi. After a few hours, all was back to normal.

With 221 days of uptime so far, Gandi's been quite good and I'm very happy with them. Let's hope this kind if incidents won't happen again soon.

At any rate, considering the overall usefulness of Hisoka, it's not as if there was much harm done apart from not getting my own mails for a few hours.

2010-03-05: Moving again...

Due to reliability issues with NFrance, Hisoka will be migrated to Gandi in the next few weeks — it'll be a gradual process, so there is no exact ETA. Meanwhile, the new (and still empty) secondary server, Xheotris, is still working fine with 140 days of uptime — we'll find a use for it someday, secondary MX or something...

2009-09-04: Rest well, Shinji!

It's been years since the old thing proved useful, and finally Shinji's old hard drive died a while back. The server was simply shut down and will not be restarted anytime soon. There was nothing much left hosted on Shinji, and it's hard to tell exactly what was lost with the hard drive anyway.

Hisoka is still running okay and handles emails fine, which is pretty much all it's needed for. It should be moved to another hosting service by the end of the year, since nFrance has stopped maintaining its vServer offer. Hopefully we'll have a new website design then — after years of that old CSS that looks SO Web 1.0 — and some proper django integration as well. One can hope.

2007-12-06: Self-hosted MX

After using Hisoka as my main SMTP server for a couple months, I decided to make it the main MX for leapingtiger. Any mail addressed to <whomever> should now be handled by hisoka directly — once DNS entries are updated.

If you have an @leapingtiger address, I strongly suggest testing it in the next couple days and write to support-accounts (@)

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