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2012-07-02: High CPU use for mysqld fixed

Turns out mysqld using 100% of CPU was something due to the very recent leap-second and NTP not playing nicely.

Temporary fix was used, CPU usage is back to normal, I'll keep an eye on it. MySQL-based websites should still be working properly, and there should be no more interruptions for now.

— Kefen

2012-07-02: Full system upgrade

Looks like mysqld is acting up and eating CPU like crazy, so it's time for an upgrade.

PHP websites relying on MySQL will stop working for a short while. The rest should be fine.

MySQL may be restarted several times these next hours as investigation and configuration tweaking continue.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

— Kefen

2012-02-20: Time Flies!

While I wasn't paying attention, hisoka quietly reached its first year of uptime with our current ISP.

Happy birthday! One year later, despite my initial concerns, I'm extremely happy with the Kimsufi line of servers. So far they've proved pretty cheap and very reliable.

Here is to another year of quiet, uneventful uptime!

— Kefen

2011-07-13: The Return of Network Status

I just reinstalled rstats — and DAMN I should get into the habit of packaging my Python projects more often, because it was so easy this time around, I love setuptools — so, now, the Network Status for the main server is functional again.

Xheotris is still off, and though I'm pondering using it as a home server at my new place now, it's still unlikely to come back online anytime soon.

— Kefen

2011-07-07: Expanding...

Not much being done of late, the server is running fine, just as we're expecting it to. We're hosting a new blog, though, and running WordPress 3.2 involved enabling some extra PHP modules — such as JSON, mostly. This should, of course, not break anything existing, but as usual, just in case, do keep an eye on your website and shout at the admin if something looks out of place.

We're now getting close to 148 days of uptime, and still looking good, thanks to Django. There may not be any more news for a long while: that's just because everything works seamlessly. Let's keep it that way, shall we?

— Kefen

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― Zach Weinersmith