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2007-12-06: Self-hosted MX

After using Hisoka as my main SMTP server for a couple months, I decided to make it the main MX for leapingtiger. Any mail addressed to <whomever>@leapingtiger.org should now be handled by hisoka directly — once DNS entries are updated.

If you have an @leapingtiger address, I strongly suggest testing it in the next couple days and write to support-accounts (@) leapingtiger.org.

— Kefen

2006-12-11: Shinji is back online

Due to a power outage, shinji went offline and had to be manually rebooted this week-end. It also underwent some upgrades and maintenance.

— Kefen

2006-07-18: Shinji cleanup

After much tinkering and ugly fixes, shinji is back online at last. There isn't much left on it except a new subversion server and a couple test vhosts.

— Kefen

2006-01-25: Amen Networks Screwup

Amen Networks had to reboot the virtual server containing Hisoka. The website was unavailable for a couple hours and it seems emails were buggy too. This is all back to normal now. Here is the official mail of explanation from Amen Networks:


Notre équipe technique a dû redémarrer la plateforme vz7.amenworld.com hébergeant votre service.

Le service sera à nouveau disponible dans environ deux heures.

Dans l'intervalle, nous vous prions de bien vouloir nous excuser pour cette perturbation.


L'Equipe Technique AMEN

— Kefen

2005-09-05: PHP mail() fixed

It looks like, due to an erroneous change in exim.conf, mail sending from PHP scripts simply stopped working — and other scripts sending mail might have screwed up too. This is, hopefully, fixed now.

— Kefen

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