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For the news that are slightly too old for the front page, here are all the public announcements made since the first LeapingTiger server went online.

2014-03-04: Network status back online

As usual with every migrations, I had to upgrade rstats a little. It's back to life now so we have semi-real time statistics again.

There is no longer an SVN external service. All Subversion resources must now be accessed through SSH.

2014-03-03: DNS entries for

I just finished moving the DNS management of from the old server to the new. It will take a little while for servers to update.

All subdomains should be available again soon, hopefully.

If that works well, I'll go and move all subdomains management to the new server at some point (it's still managed by Gandi so far.)

2014-02-19: Migration

Migration from hisoka v3 to hisoka v4 is almost over. We're now waiting for DNS entries to update.

Sorry for the inconvenience, there shouldn't be much breakage anymore.

2014-01-01: Happy New Year

Best wishes for 2014!

My wish is to get the migration to the new server over before the end of, oh, say, February.

Wouldn't that be nice!

2013-12-12: Migration Pending

And OVH finally opened their new Kimsufi offer to the rest of Europe, so we now have a brand new Kimsufi PS-7 (Atomâ„¢ N2800, 2 cores / 4 threads, 1.86 GHz+, 4 Go RAM, 2x 500 Go HD).

Now starts the migration to the new server (hisoka4) so there will be interruptions in our regular services. Sorry for the inconvenience. Individual users will be contacted before I start shutting off databases and moving websites around.

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