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For the news that are slightly too old for the front page, here are all the public announcements made since the first LeapingTiger server went online.

2013-11-05: One kilodays

Today marks the 1000th day of uptime for hisoka. While it says a lot about how badly I need to update the kernel, it also says a lot about the quality of OVH's infrastructure.

There will be a massive system update before the end of the year, but it will require some planning.

In the mean time, happy 1K!

2013-08-30: OVH Downtime

There was a couple hours of downtime yesterday evening (GMT) due to OVH replacing routers in their datacenter.

Apart from all of being unreachable for that time, there was no other consequence. The server is still running smoothly and all should be back to normal now.

Considering the server itself is still drawing closer to 1000 days of uptime and that OVH posted regular and precise updates in the relevant information thread I really can't be mad at them.

2013-07-29: International Tiger Day

Happy International Tiger Day everyone! What better opportunity to celebrate our 900th day of uptime? Let's try and keep the stripes going for a little while longer!

2013-07-18: DNS migration

This is it, I have begun migrating the domain from Gandi to hisoka. Until I get the configuration right and DNS servers update, the old domain may not be available. Please use instead (you really should anyway.)

2013-07-10: Now turning to DNS

Now that I've had my fun with HTTPS, I'm going to go and get my hands dirty with DNS/Bind. The good thing about this is that I'll be testing stuff on which, I believe—well, I hope—isn't used very much anymore.

The bad thing is that it may eventually mean that we'll handle our own DNS zone for as well. Still, considering that most of the sites hosted on hisoka are using their own domain, this shouldn't be much of a problem either.

That being said, as usual, sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

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