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2014-09-12: Kernel Upgrade

There were some issues a couple weeks ago before I went on vacation. I figured the server could benefit from a reboot, and took that opportunity to upgrade the kernel.

All services should have restarted normally. If not, support at tigris dot fr is here for you.

— Kefen
2014-07-01: E-mails to Microsoft addresses blocked

It seems that postfix was insufficiently secure, and hisoka’s IP ended up on several blacklists. I’ve taken steps (setting up SPF and DKIM mostly) and we’re now essentially in the clear, except for one thing.

E-mails sent from to Microsoft addresses (including, but probably not limited to, hotmail and outlook addresses) are blocked. I’m trying to get this resolved, but in the mean time, there is no real solution but to use another email transport.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Let’s hope this gets resolved eventually.

— Kefen
2014-03-04: Network status back online

As usual with every migrations, I had to upgrade rstats a little. It’s back to life now so we have semi-real time statistics again.

There is no longer an SVN external service. All Subversion resources must now be accessed through SSH.

— Kefen
2014-03-03: DNS entries for

I just finished moving the DNS management of from the old server to the new. It will take a little while for servers to update.

All subdomains should be available again soon, hopefully.

If that works well, I’ll go and move all subdomains management to the new server at some point (it’s still managed by Gandi so far.)

— Kefen
2014-02-19: Migration

Migration from hisoka v3 to hisoka v4 is almost over. We’re now waiting for DNS entries to update.

Sorry for the inconvenience, there shouldn’t be much breakage anymore.

— Kefen

“Now, we’ve basically got it all worked out, except for small stuff, big stuff, hot stuff, cold stuff, fast stuff, heavy stuff, dark stuff, turbulence, and the concept of time.”

― Zach Weinersmith