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2017-03-15: Self-hosted DNS

Our own DNS server hosted on hisoka now manages tigris.fr as well as leapingtiger.org. I didn't see anything breaking, and for all intents and purposes it should be entirely transparent to the end user.

But as usual, if something does break, yell very loud in my direction or something.

— Kefen

2016-08-22: leapingtiger.org DNS is back

I had completely forgotten that leapingtiger.org was managed by our own DNS server and didn't migrate the configuration to the new Debian installation. As such, all of leapingtiger.org was unreachable due to DNS lookup failure.

It's back, now. However, it's still deprecated and I strongly urge you to use tigris.fr instead.

— Kefen

2016-08-03: Welcome to hisoka v5

We have now migrated to Debian 8, to make maintenance easier and play along better with some legacy code.

This is still the same physical server, so all domains redirecting to hisoka's main IP should still work. However your SSH client will probably complain about a new server key (whose fingerprint should be e0:dd:b9:0a:e5:86:7f:da:21:54:31:24:8d:42:94:3a).

Some websites are still being migrated from lighttpd to nginx, but for all intents and purposes, hisoka should work just like before, except all our hosted sites should eventually be served exclusively over HTTPS, thanks to letsencrypt.

Sorry for any inconvenience, this should be the last big maintenance for a while.

— Kefen

2015-10-13: Microsoft addresses reachable again!

This was resolved a lot faster than last time, I suspect thanks to our signing up for SDNS and JMRP last time. Sorry for the inconvenience. I'll keep an eye on bounced e-mails and be more vigilant.

— Kefen

2015-10-07: Microsoft addresses blocked again

Looks like I got careless and missed recent bounce notifications, ending up in Microsoft blacklisting us again.

I'm looking into it, hoping it will be resolved soon enough. All my apologies for the inconvenience again. Blacklist me once, shame on you, blacklist me twice, shame on me.

— Kefen

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