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2005-02-06: Security update

IMPORTANT! The server cleanup started tonight, admittedly to make it cleaner, more secure and better suited for hosting websites. As such, changes were made to home directories: every user is now part of the users group. Check your scripts and permissions. By default home folders will have the following permissions: rwx --- --x. Unless you don't have a website hosted, it's strongly recommanded you keep those permissions.

Moreover, PHP configuration was updated and fixed. The option register_globals is now disabled. Check and correct your scripts accordingly. Check here for help and details. safe_mode was also enabled. Report any problem to security@leapingtiger.org.

— Kefen

2005-01-28: Is this thing on?

Server is up and running. The actual website has just been put online for real. Still beta-testing links and adding content here and there.

— Kefen

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― Zach Weinersmith