Network Status

Here are the latest statistics of all servers in the tigris domain. Only publicly available services are listed for each host. These stats aren't quite real-time, but the monitoring agents are refreshing it every few seconds, so it's still accurate enough.

Main Server (

Information: Up and running.

System Info hisoka, x86_64, GNU/Linux
Local Time 16:57:46
Uptime 15 days, 0:10 (record: 1106 days)
Users 1 (record: 3)
Disk Use 32% total
CPU Average Load 0.28
External Services 3 services available
HTTP Up and running
POP3S Up and running
SMTP Up and running

Secondary Server

Information: Stashed in a basement until we find a use for it again.

Thursday 15th of November 2018, 08:13 - 1.4.22 Tiger picture by Tambako